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Culture & Heritage

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - Culture & Heritage

Abu Dhabi is a destination which treasures its ancient heritage and culture. Today traditional activities and sports are actively pursued. Guests can connect with this culture in a variety of ways. Try one of the daily, complimentary guided tours of the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and get an insight into this remarkable building and the culture which brought it to life. Take a day trip to the emirate's heritage heartland of Al Ain - now listed among UNESCO's World Heritage sites. Visit the Heritage Village on the Corniche or the Zayed Centre in down-town Al Bateen. You'll uncover a world of respect, a gentleness of people and an unsurpassed traditional of extending unbounding hospitality.

Take coffee traditional-style in many of the hotels, visit a beauty parlour for a henna design to your hands, savour local dates in a majlis (meeting) tent, take in the weekly camel races or opt for a tour of the Falcon Hospital - one of the most modern in the world for an insight into this most noble of desert pursuits. Discover more about the emirate's heritage & culture by visiting: www.adach.ae.

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